Are you raising adopted children who survived trauma?

We are organizing a new support network for metro Atlanta to:

befriend and support each other,

enjoy each other’s company,

affirm each other’s experiences,

find ways to help our children,

back each other up,

have each other to depend upon

in emergencies,

and for everyday help.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Started

We are a handful of parents of children who experienced trauma in their original homes.  Now they have needs that set our families apart from a lot of other people in the community.  Sometimes our friends and families can not understand what we are doing or why.  We know that there are hundreds of other families like ours but we often live in secrecy.  You are not alone anymore. 

We can do a lot to help each other and our children.  Sometimes just having someone that "gets it" is enough.  We hope to befriend and support each other, educate each other, share resources, and provide another option when the service systems fail us. 

Please link us in your blog and help us locate the families that need us most.