Are you raising adopted children who survived trauma?

We are organizing a new support network for metro Atlanta to:

befriend and support each other,

enjoy each other’s company,

affirm each other’s experiences,

find ways to help our children,

back each other up,

have each other to depend upon

in emergencies,

and for everyday help.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July's Meeting is July 14th

I'm sure most of you can understand how stressful life can get.  I am ready to get busy focusing some energy into this.  I am down to 6 kids and finally have a second to breathe.  My toughest 2 are now living in separate residential facilities.   

My plan is to arrange a monthly meeting around the middle of the month and post it here.  I'm trying to keep them around the perimeter so it's easy enough for everyone to attend.  The next meeting will be Saturday July 14th at 7PM on Roswell Rd in Atlanta. I thought we'd try a little more relaxing spot to enjoy dinner and margaritas. Email me at for restaurant so I can keep a tally of folks. I can't wait to enjoy your company. Bring your sense of humor.  Spread the news!

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